[Portfolio] Egokart Srl
Portfolio pubblicato il 25 January 2024
[Portfolio] Egokart Srl
Updated on 25 January 2024

Egokart: A multi-channel integrated communication project.

Egokart is a project that focuses on sustainable entertainment through its track for electric karts. They aim to become a point of reference in this area. To create a consistent visual ecosystem in both the physical and digital world, a communication and identity project has been developed.


Egokart Srl






Egokart is a unique project that brings innovation and fun to Rome. The indoor track spans three levels and covers 460 meters, offering an unforgettable experience that combines enjoyment and advanced technology.


We needed to create a unique brand identity that was easy to recognize and understood by our intended audience. To achieve this, we developed a consistent style and tone of voice that was used across all our communication channels, including above the line (ABL) and below the line (BTL) marketing strategies.


  • Recognizability and widespread diffusion of the brand.

  • Constant growth of followers and users of the track.

  • Spontaneous involvement of media and influencers


We began by optimizing the brand to ensure its usability and readability in all contexts. Then, we proceeded to apply it in various use cases. We developed a visual concept and were involved in the production and graphic layout of the project. Additionally, we extended the design to digital platforms, including the website and social media.



We designed the website with a content structure that accurately reflects and anticipates the user experience. The site includes videos and images, and presents information in a way that blends well with a cohesive narrative rhythm.

Communication plan

Our objective was crystal clear: to make a strong start that would leave our competitors behind. To achieve this, we planned a series of actions that would help us gain immediate and broad awareness within the area. Additionally, we implemented a PR and press office strategy that landed us a feature in national newspapers, which further increased our reach on a national level.


We have optimized the website pages to align with user search intent and integrated a data tracking system for bookings and purchases.

Content Marketing

Our editorial and video content was developed based on the SEO strategy to target Egokart’s potential audience and improve engagement.

Social Media

We developed a social media strategy that includes visual links to thematic topics, creating varied streams with interesting columns and appointments.


We have taken care of setting up and currently managing the newsletter with significant public involvement.

Videos & Photos

With the goal of raising awareness and preparing for the experience, videos and photos were created. These were then used on the website, social media platforms, and in social campaigns to grow followers, generate visits, and increase e-commerce.


It was an absolute blast creating the Egokart project. Our team was deeply passionate about the idea and the vision of the people involved.
We collaborated with the client and designed a digital presence project that was just as distinctive as the track it represents.

Di cosa ci occupiamo?

  • Valorizzazione del patrimonio culturale e del paesaggio
  • Prevenzione e gestione dei rischi sul patrimonio culturale
  • Ricerca e studio di soluzioni, servizi e prodotti per la salvaguardia e il miglioramento delle condizioni ambientali e climatiche nel settore dei beni culturali
  • Sviluppo di reti e network fra aziende e professionisti per favorire ed incrementare la diffusione di buone pratiche nell’ambito del risk management e della sicurezza per opere d’arte e beni culturali
  • Progetti di comunicazione e presenza digitale

La nostra visione

Ogni progetto ha un impatto e lascia tracce sul pianeta. Proprio per questo siamo convinti assertori di una nostra filosofia di business che ci vede coinvolti solo e soltanto in attività e progetti che abbiano un impatto positivo su ambiente, territorio e società.

Lavoriamo per realizzare soluzioni ed idee innovative e al tempo stesso per mantenere un equilibrio fra le nostre attività e la loro sostenibilità.

Vogliamo dare un contributo per affrontare i grandi temi ambientali e sociali

I nostri progetti ed il nostro modello di business non prescinde dal prendere in considerazione i contesti e le persone in cui si sviluppano.

What we do?

  • Enhancement of cultural heritage and landscape
  • Prevention and management of risks on cultural heritage
  • Research and study of solutions, services and products to safeguard the cultural heritage from climate change and pollution
  • Development of networks between companies and professionals to encourage and increase the dissemination of good practices in the field of risk management and security for art and cultural heritage
  • Communication plans and targeted dissemination

Our vision

Each project has an impact and leaves traces on the planet. Precisely for this reason we are convinced supporters of our business philosophy which sees us involved only and only in activities and projects that have a positive impact on the environment, territory, and society.

We work to create innovative solutions and ideas and at the same time to maintain a balance between our activities and their sustainability.

We want to make a contribution to addressing major environmental and social issues

Our projects and our business model do not disregard taking into consideration the contexts and people in which they develop

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