A valuable editorial project

Mazzini Lab can support your company in the creation of a monograph, taking care of the editorial project from the idea to the realization, up to a valuable product that communicates the enterprise in a new way and can become a high-level business promotion tool.

Our team

In the team of Mazzini Lab, work historians and archivists, experts in brand heritage and already authors of corporate monographs and biographies of entrepreneurs.

The activities of Mazzini Lab:


We support you in designing the editorial monograph, taking into account the objectives of the project and the target audience.


Our brand heritage experts will help you in drafting the monograph, making sure that the company’s values ​​are communicated effectively and creatively.


We help you choose the right channels to share your project and engage your target audience.


The characteristics of a company monograph:

Celebrate a milestone or an anniversary

It’s a publication that serves to make a company known, or to celebrate a milestone, an anniversary, a special date in business history.


Engages the stakeholders

It is a limited-edition book that can be sent or given as a gift to customers, to institutional contacts, to opinion leaders, or to other stakeholders of interest to the company.


Transmits the passion

It’s a special editorial project from all points of view: every company has its own history, which is often intertwined with that of people and territories, and all this must be told by conveying passion with words and images.


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