Sustainable enhancement of cultural heritage

Sustainable enhancement

We believe that the enhancement of the cultural heritage allows developing projects with positive effects both socially and economically.
Ours is an approach that wants to bring valorization and sustainability together because we believe it is the key to any project you want to undertake today.

Third sector networking

Our experience and the background of our team make us the ideal candidates to support third sector realities and projects.
We want to build a vast network to create opportunities for discussion and develop business opportunities in line with our objectives and code of ethics.

Consulting and training

We carry out training and consultancy courses aimed at increasing awareness of protection and actions enhancement of cultural heritage with practical and demonstrative exercises on aspects of prevention, protection and interventions in emergency areas.

Our projects are growth paths, which employ culture and technology to guarantee a more inclusive and sustainable society.

What we do?

  • Enhancement of cultural heritage and landscape
  • Prevention and management of risks on cultural heritage
  • Research and study of solutions, services and products to safeguard the cultural heritage from climate change and pollution
  • Development of networks between companies and professionals to encourage and increase the dissemination of good practices in the field of risk management and security for art and cultural heritage
  • Communication plans and targeted dissemination

Our vision

Each project has an impact and leaves traces on the planet. Precisely for this reason we are convinced supporters of our business philosophy which sees us involved only and only in activities and projects that have a positive impact on the environment, territory, and society.

We work to create innovative solutions and ideas and at the same time to maintain a balance between our activities and their sustainability.

We want to make a contribution to addressing major environmental and social issues

Our projects and our business model do not disregard taking into consideration the contexts and people in which they develop

Projects and Collaborations

The latest projects and collaborations made.

SOS Archivi

SOS Archivi is a non-profit organization that deals with the enhancement, protection and awareness of risk management and emergencies in the Archival sector. Mazzini Lab supports this reality in communication activities and in the realization of workshops and training events.


Storia di un Archivio

A project to enhance a photographic archive developed in collaboration with the Italian Touring Club and SOS Archives. Mazzini Lab supported SOS Archives in the design and in all aspects of communication.


Latest News

The professional role of the Risk Manager for Cultural Heritage

The professional role of the Risk Manager for Cultural Heritage

What is the role of this new professional figure? The professional role of the Risk Manager for Cultural Heritage Although practice shows an increasing awareness of the need to protect our precious cultural heritage from the new risks that threaten it, manifested...