Small sparks create large flames

We believe in the value of Culture

We are an interdisciplinary knowledge hub dedicated to culture: We enhance cultural heritage and create culture through digital communication projects!

Enhancement, Safeguard and Communication

We are professionals in triggering digital and non-digital communication processes, in valorising our cultural heritage but also in preventing and defusing small and large critical issues that threaten it.


Communication, digital marketing and web design agency. 


Risk management, protection and enhancement of cultural heritage. 


Training for the prevention and management of cultural heritage risks. 

Partners and Networks

A team of 10 professionals and a network of Partners and Companies with excellent skills.

Our method

With our projects as growth paths, we employ culture and technology to create an environment that is inclusive, sustainable, and capable of providing opportunities for all.


We take a strategic and analytical approach by breaking the project into phases with objectives and timelines.


We believe in sustainable innovation, excellence, skilled teams, and transparent communication with our customers.


Provide solutions and create value for our customers and our projects. Every task we undertake lead to improvements for customers, society, and our operating contexts.

Customer Portfolio

What we have achieved, with passion and energy.

Egokart Srl

Egokart: A multi-channel integrated communication project. Egokart is a project that focuses on sustainable entertainment through its track for electric karts. They aim to become a point of reference in this area. To create a consistent visual ecosystem in both the...

IWS Consulting Srl

We collaborated with IWS Consulting to achieve a comprehensive repositioning of their company and brand. The main goal was to create a new digital presence that would effectively communicate with customers and stakeholders in a professional and corporate manner,...

Bucap Spa

We were engaged by Bucap to help revamp their social media presence and improve their search engine visibility. Our primary goal was to create a new editorial strategy that would resonate with their customers and stakeholders by using a more modern and recognizable...

Our efforts to address significant environmental issues

What we do?

  • Enhancement of cultural heritage and landscape
  • Prevention and management of risks on cultural heritage
  • Research and study of solutions, services and products for the protection and improvement of the conservation strategies in the cultural heritage sector
  • Development of networks between companies and professionals to encourage and increase the dissemination of good practices in the field of risk management and security for arts and cultural heritage
  • Communication plans and digital presence projects

Our vision

Each project has an impact and leaves traces on the planet. Precisely for this reason we are convinced supporters of our business philosophy which sees us involved only and only in activities and projects that have a positive impact on the environment, territory, and society.

We work to create innovative solutions and ideas and at the same time to maintain a balance between our activities and their sustainability.

Our business model and projects take into account the people and contexts in which they operate

Let’s support Plastic Free Onlus

Mazzini Lab Benefit is proud to join the Plastic Free Onlus initiative. We share the values and mission of this association: to free the planet from single-use plastic. We believe that it is essential to strive for a more sustainable future and that reducing single-use plastic is an important step in this direction. Therefore, we are committed to:

  • Eliminate single-use plastic from our offices.
  • Promote the use of sustainable alternatives to plastic.
  • Raise awareness among employees, co-workers and customers about plastic consumption.

Together we can make a difference.

Projects and Collaborations

The latest projects and collaborations made.

ArtFloor is born in Milan

Mazzini Lab Benefit, specializes in risk management for cultural heritage, is among the protagonists of Art Floor, a new hub of excellence created in Milan to support the world of art and culture.


Museion in Bolzano

As of October 2021, Mazzini Lab Benefit Company has made a dedicated commitment to the Museion, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bolzano, establishing a partnership aimed at the realization of excellent services aimed at the in-depth analysis of risks related to the valuable art collections housed within the museum building.


Latest News

The agents of degradation on cultural heritage

Cultural heritage, due to the variety of supports and materials from which it is made, is subject to a series of varied agents of degradation with very different consequences. Furthermore, it is rare for a collection to be subjected to only one category of degradation...

Basics of risk management of cultural heritage

Risk management for cultural heritage is a very complex discipline that includes all phases of the risk identification and management process. Once the risks that threaten a collection have been identified, it is necessary to decide which of these are acceptable to...

The information to be included in the Priority List

In the past issues dedicated to the topic, we have seen what the fundamental objectives are for the creation of a Priority List and the criteria with which the works to be included in it can be selected. To efficiently plan the procedures for managing an emergency on...