Meetings and Events

Cultural events and initiatives

Mazzini Lab designs and realizes cultural events,
in partnership with public institutions and private subjects.

From planning to implementation

We follow every aspect of the event of cultural value, from planning, to the choice of location,
to the realization of a specific and targeted communication plan.

The activities of Mazzini Lab in this area

Implementation of the scientific project

We support you in the realization of the scientific project of the event, evaluating together with you the best content production strategies.

Economic and financial planning

We carry out the economic and financial planning of the event, evaluating all the necessary resources.

Support digital services

We create the IT support services necessary for the initiative, such as websites, streaming events, and the production of digital content.

Relations with stakeholders

We cultivate institutional and public relations, helping you to reach your target.

Our way of working

We define objectives

We design a format

We plan all the details

We build wait around the event

We make worth the wait

We take care of the details that make the difference

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