Appointment of the winning company
30 July 2022

The winning company of the Charisma tender has been selected

A company from the Marche region won the call for proposals for the Erasmus+ Charisma project

DBFix S.r.l. is the selected company for the development of the digital application envisaged by the project

The Evaluation Commission declares that it has checked and evaluated the offers received through the Call for the development of a software application for risk analysis and risk assessment in museums, archives and libraries.

The Evaluation Commission declares that this call for tender has received a total of: one (1) offer.

The winning company

The winning company of the tender is DBFix S.r.l. a Marche-based company specializing in the creation of advanced IT systems in various sectors.

The activities envisaged by the tender

As foreseen by the call for tenders, the company will have to collaborate in the activities foreseen by the Charisma project, developing and implementing a web application for risk analysis in museums, archives and libraries

The official statement

To read the official statement of the Evaluation Commission, click here

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