Closing of the Charisma Call for Tenders
18 July 2022

The call for tenders for the Charisma project has officially closed

Mazzini Lab announces the official closure of the call and the appointment of the Evaluation Commission.

The proposals received will be carefully evaluated by a Commission

On July 15, 2022, the Call for the development of a software application for risk analysis and risk assessment in museums, archives and libraries officially closed.

Mazzini Lab officially appoints the Evaluation Commission which will have the task of evaluating the offers made by the companies. This Commission will evaluate the proposals received in a completely fair and objective way, applying the evaluation criteria indicated in the announcement. Each proposal will be assigned a score based on the characteristics indicated in the offer.

Project partners

The project, of which Mazzini Lab Società Benefit is the leader, is carried out in partnership with ADSI, the Italian Association of Historical Houses, the Universität für Weiterbildung di Krems (Austria), the Transylvania Trust (Romania) and the National Museum Kruševac (Serbia).

Appointment of the winning company

The Evaluation Commission will evaluate the proposals received and will publish the name of the winning company of the tender on the official website of the Charisma project on 30th July 2022.

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