Digital events to reduce social distancing
19 May 2020

To cope with the emergency and stay in touch with your audience.

Webinars or digital conferences allow you to continue the dialogue and increase your digital presence.

The covid-19 emergency made companies understand the importance of investing in digital channels and presence

Webinars, conferences and streaming events have become one of the main means for companies and professionals to make up for the physical presence made impossible by the covid-19 emergency.

Companies understood the importance of their digital presence and began to consider it as an almost exclusive asset in order to continue doing business, marketing and communication.

This new awareness is already bringing about important changes with positive repercussions both on the job market and on sustainability.

Companies are developing new digital ecosystems of which streaming events, webinars and videoconferencing meetings are a part but thanks to which they reduce displacements and emissions and at the same time increase audience, dialogue and efficiency.

Webinar or live event?

There are no clear distinctions but it depends on strategies and objectives that the company wants to pursue.

Like Mazzini Lab, we suggest developing a communication strategy that contemplates, if possible, open events in order to have a wide involvement and, in case, create vertical insights dedicated to particular sectors of the public.

Once you have created an interest base, you can also think about paid premium content.

Which platforms?

This digital revolution has made many platforms flourish that allow conferences, business meetings and streaming on social or dedicated sites. There are also free ones with more or less effective returns: Gotoomeeting, Zoom, Jitsi and Streamyard to name a few.

Our advice is to try them all in order to identify the one that best meets your communication needs and strategy.

Mazzini Lab for SOS Archivi

About SOS Archivi and what we have done for them

SOS Archivi is a non-profit association that deals with the protection of archives, libraries and cultural heritage.

The association takes care of spreading the culture of risk prevention and management and at the same time realizes practical workshops to deal with calamitous and non-calamitous emergencies.

For SOS Archivi we have planned and created a live streaming event supporting this reality in all aspects of the project.

The involvement of the public was guaranteed by targeted communications through newsletters and targeted communications on the association’s social channels.

The goal was to replicate one of their physical events in the digital field to keep dialogue with their target audience open.

We therefore designed a conference with the main sector representatives to give important information on the gradual reopening of archives, libraries and places dedicated to culture. Here is the program of the event with the speakers.

The event was set up immediately as open and disseminated through the association’s website and on its Youtube channel.

The whole initiative was a great success with audience results superior to those of physical events.

There were 515 users connected to the live broadcast, the unique visits to the site in the days of the event exceeded 3,500, while the registration of the event, which was immediately made available, now has more than 2400 unique views and is still growing.


  • Digital events are a valid medium to be integrated into a digital presence strategy of the company
  • Do not focus on a single video conferencing tool but choose according to strategic needs
  • The digital presence becomes a real asset of the company and must be thought of as the only one available at the moment and therefore must be developed with a defined strategic plan

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