First results of the CHARISMA project
11 November 2022
Study on risk assessment and management of cultural heritage in Europe

The first report of the Erasmus+ CHARISMA project has been published.

The Charisma team is happy to announce that the results of the first Work Package are ready!

This Study is the first document ever to underline not only the need to protect cultural heritage from natural disasters and climate change phenomena, which, as stated elsewhere, has been recognized and urged by transnational institutions such as UNESCO and ICOMOS.

At the heart of our innovation is the attention to the specific tasks and roles that must be assumed by staff to address these risks and protect cultural heritage from climate change: it is guidance on the new skills that must be sought in the labour market or on the training market by each actor involved in the cultural sector.

A research by WARREDOC

The partner responsible for this report was WARREDOC.
WARREDOC is the Water Resources Research and Documentation Center – established at the University for Foreigners of Perugia (UNISTRAPG) since 1985 – which develops research, higher education and scientific communication in the fields of water, the environment and disaster risk management.

WARREDOC is innovation, applied research and communication for technology transfer and sustainable development in the water field.

The report

The report aims to provide a study on the risk assessment and management of cultural heritage in Europe, with a specific focus on the target countries: Italy, Austria, Czechia and Germany.

The risk assessment study is based on desk research activity articulated in three distinct tasks aimed at providing a framework for addressing the risk of climate change in a structured way, incorporating the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and address potential risks on cultural heritage from natural disasters:

  • Desk review;
  • Stakeholder map;
  • Legal framework.

Download the report

Study on risk assessment and management of cultural heritage across Europe

The report can be downloaded free of charge in English by clicking on the button below.

Download Report Here

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