Guidelines on Safety and Emergency Plans (4): Drafting an analysis of the risks
2 November 2023

What is a Safety and Emergency Plan and what is it for?

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At each threat/scenario/area combination there is an associated level of risk and possible mitigation actions

This type of operational simulation involves the implementation of all the emergency procedures identified in the design phase, including the evacuation of the artworks and the involvement of the National Fire and Rescue Service.

First of all, it is necessary to identify on which threats you want to focus your analysis.

The most common risks are here enlisted:

  • flood;
  • fire;
  • unauthorised entry;
  • intrusion with burglary;
  • electric black out;
  • plant failure;
  • terrorism;
  • vandalism;
  • environmental conditions not favourable to conservation;
  • insects and rodents.

Once the threats to be considered have been identified, it will be necessary to create all the possible combinations between operational scenarios, threats and areas of the museum, identifying the vulnerabilities found during the inspection. The risk is calculated as follows: for each combination threat/scenario/area, the risk will be equal to the product of the level of probability of occurrence of each threat and its level of impact on the collection.

Furthermore, for each combination of threat/scenario/area, it is necessary to establish the countermeasures necessary to protect the assets from that risk, discriminating between those already active, and those that should instead be implemented as soon as possible.

This last section of the risk analysis can be used later to draw up a Risk Treatment Plan: this document includes all the vulnerabilities found in the preliminary analysis phase and during the inspection phase, and, for each of them, the countermeasures to be activated in hierarchical order from the most to the least urgent. The Risk Treatment Plan serves as a starting point for the institution to plan all the risk mitigation activities, balancing the interventions with the real needs of the building and deferring investments over time.

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