Professional development of courses and workshops

To develop a successful online course it seems that you just need to have a microphone and a webcam. It is not so. The professional development of online and streaming courses, lessons, workshops and seminars requires resources, expertise and a long time.

Our service

Mazzini Lab supports you in the realization of training courses, workshops and online seminars. We want our customers to focus on the content to be offered, leaving the entire development part to our professional team.

The activities of Mazzini Lab:

Course design

Number of lessons or meetings, duration of each, choice of platform, registration modalities.

Graphic design

Creation of slides templates, image search, creation of videos or ad hoc photos, layout of the graphic elements of the video-lesson.

Content management

Content update, extra content upload, text optimization and check.



Email marketing, development of newsletters, creation of course sales funnel. 


Management of information regarding the course on social channels, web pages SEO optimization, creation of ads on Facebook, Linkedin and Google.

Involvement of the participants

Questions from participants answering, monitor feedback and reviews, support of a virtual assistant to the customer. 

The advantages of an online course:


Participants can watch the video during the hours of the day when they are most productive.


A video can be stopped, interesting parts can be reviewed or it is possible jump directly to the content of interest.


It represents the best one-to-one experience you can get. 


The perfect mid-range product to offer.


Participants choose to take a specific online course, so they are really motivated to attend it.

Modularity and scalability

It is an easy to modulate and adaptable service to the needs of customers.

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