Simulation of an emergency scenario

Mazzini Lab organizes training days for drills in the management of an emergency.

For this service Mazzini Lab collaborates with the Scientific Technical Committee of the association SOS Archivi and with the emergency forces, such as Firefighters and Civil Protection.

Objective of the training

The main objective of the drills is to generate awareness of the actions to be taken in case of emergency and help their customers to plan the response procedures and to create a dedicated team for emergencies.

Why run drills:

Plan activities

Establish in a certain and consequential way the different activities to be carried out in case of emergency.

Establishing the priorities

Establish with certainty the priorities for saving assets stored in the conservation building.


Define the responsabilities

Define the team dedicated to emergencies and entrust to each a precise task and responsibility.

Keep calm

The exercises ensure that in the event of an emergency the team is able to keep calm and act with rationality and efficiency.


Creating a prepared team, in which everyone has well-defined responsibilities, helps to stimulate collaboration and solidarity between colleagues.

Know how to ask for help

A good drill can also be used to create a network with emergency teams and with companies specialized in the management of emergencies on heritage.

The Mazzini Lab network for training:


We collaborate with the major cultural institutions, including the Security Directorate of the Ministry of Culture.

Emergency specialists

For our drills we collaborate with Firefighters and Civil Protection and other companies specialized in emergency management. 

Network of companies

We have an extensive network of companies specializing in securing cultural heritage and emergency management.

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