Prevention for cultural heritage

Risk analysis and prevention

For risk analysis, prevention and management services, Mazzini Lab Società Benefit has created Heritup, a division of the company serving museums, archives and libraries and specializing in risk management and emergency management for cultural heritage.

The Heritup intervention team

For risk assessment projects, Mazzini Lab Società Benefit works with the interdisciplinary team of Heritup professionals with different scientific and experiential backgrounds which allows for a complete analysis capable of bringing out all the risk variables and studying the best solutions mitigation and response.

The activities that Heritup carries out in this area

Analysis of risk conditions

We analyze in depth the conditions of heritage conservation and the risk variables affecting the building.

Storage room selection

We carry out inspections in the storage rooms to assess their suitability.

Expert advice

We guarantee the advice of Risk Managers specialized in the cultural heritage sector.

Collection awareness

We support our clients in understanding and in-depth knowledge of the collection and of the preserved assets.

Activity planning

We plan conservation actions that are concrete and achievable with the available resources.

Sharing of results

We communicate the activities in a multidirectional and transversal way.

Safety and Emergency Plan

Heritup, with its experience in the cultural heritage emergency sector and the support of the Scientific Technical Committee of the SOS Archivi ETS Association is ready to support you in developing a customized Safety and Emergency Plan for your facility, both by supporting the internal resources, or by creating the plan from scratch, collecting all the necessary data and information.

Mitigazione dei rischi con Heritup

Mediante Heritup, Mazzini Lab Società Benefit mette al servizio di musei, archivi e biblioteche l’esperienza interdisciplinare dei suoi professionisti e collaboratori, per effettuare consulenze sul miglioramento delle condizioni di conservazione dei beni e di mitigazione dei rischi individuati in fase di Risk Assessment.

Mazzini Lab and Heritup

Heritup is the extension of Mazzini Lab Società Benefit built specifically for the assessment of risks on cultural heritage and for the creation of Safety and Emergency Plans designed for institutions, companies and individuals who have a collection.

This service will allow the customer to receive and monitor all the necessary activities
to prevent and/or deal with any small and large emergency situations.

A single repository

A tailor-made service

An analysis tool

A control tool

A reference point

A training tool

A support for maintenance

A means of awareness

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