Sustainability Company

A low impact philosophy

Mazzini Lab Società Benefit is committed to a sustainable future through the adoption of low-impact practices and preferring smart working. Furthermore, it actively participates in reforestation projects to preserve the environment for future generations.

Mazzini Lab for the environment

Smart working

We use remote work and teamworking solutions to reduce travel and emissions, moderate environmental impact and pressure on infrastructure and public transport.

Renewable energy

Our offices use energy certified by the Repower as coming from renewable sources.

Sustainable mobility

We almost exclusively favor the use of trains and car-sharing systems.



Credit institutions

Our bank is BCCR, a cooperative credit that has ethical values ​​and has always supported the third sector.

Reforestation with Treedom

We have a collaborative relationship with Treedom for a planet reforestation project:
we have planted 55 trees in 5 Countries which will allow us to absorb a total of 6.81 tons of CO2.

Benefit Impact Assessment

“In Mazzini Lab Società Benefit we are deeply convinced that collaboration is the only way to create effective and fruitful projects capable of revolutionizing, one step at a time, the way of conceiving the cultural sector to bring it to a newer dimension, fairer and more sustainable. Our task as a Benefit Corporation is to commit ourselves every day to revolutionizing our work management practices to seek concrete solutions to the new challenges that our community is having to face.”

— Massimo Cruciotti —

The published reports of Mazzini Lab

As a Benefit Company, Mazzini Lab is required to draw up an annual social impact assessment.
Below is a summary of recent years.